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Related post: Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 23:27:20 -0700 (PDT) From: tag michaels Subject: Ray Of sunshine pt2The usual disclaimers, warnings and other B.S. apply here just as in any other story. Like it's predecessor, this story contains graphic descriptions of sex between and adult, however immature, and a minor male, however mature. If for some reason, obscure or otherwise, this isn't to your liking that's ok. Go away, read something else. If it is to your liking little nymphets xxx sites any feedback is generally, although not always, welcome. Please enjoy. Tag Michaels Chapter 1I suppose that the "ray of sunshine" thing sounds really hokey, but that's ok cause that is just about what it, and Jared, photo nymphets bbs meant to me. Since the young teen had come into my life, it seemed to have changed. My outlook was much better and that was noticed by the few others who knew me. I looked forward young nymphet topliste to going to work cause I knew that I would probably see Jared afterwards, and I always did. It seemed like the sun was even shining more, although it shy nymphet porn probably wasn't. And now. Now he had given me his body, and he wanted mine. Aside from my family, no one had ever treated me like this boy did. nymphettes fucking videos I had grown up mostly just a nobody. No one noticed me really. High school was nothing and college was a repeat of that. I'm still not sure exactly how I got involved nymphet naked art with pot since my social life was nil. But now.I kissed the forehead cradled in my arms. I asked him if he wanted to take a shower with me and he nodded his head yes, so we got off the bed and wandered toward the bathroom. It was another dingy room in the house and I commented bbs pics nymphets to Jared as much in an apologetic manner."It's not so bad Shawn," he said with a smile. "You're in here and that makes it ok. Besides, you ever think of painting the place. bbs nude 2007 nymphets I know it's old and all but a couple coats of paint would probably make it look pretty good. Maybe we could do some kinda "arty" things, brighten the place up a bit." This boy amazed me with his upbeat personality and outlook on things. I couldn't help but feel better about almost everything because of him. I ran the water while Jared stood over the toilet and ran his. I turned the shower on about the time he finished and we both climbed in. Aside from gym class in middle school, I had never showered with any one so was a little unsure of how to go about things, other than doing myself I mean. Jared said he would ukrainian nymphets pics wash me down and grabbed the soap and began the task. He started on my front and the neck and soaped me all the way to my cock. He gently soaped all over my dick and my balls, getting in all the cracks and crevices before moving down my legs. He stood ukrainian nymphets thumbs up and turned me around and did my back, soaping my ass and actually sliding his fingers in and soaping my hole. Oh My God that felt pretty good and I moaned a little so he spent more time there. When he was done he stood little nymphets fucking hard up and backed me into the shower spray and rinsed me off, comment on how big and hard my cock had gotten. Then it was my turn.I carefully soaped his body as he had done mine, exalting in his boy boner and balls, taking my time there. When I did his delicious little ass, I slipped my fingers in the crack and washed his small hole, causing him to sag a little at the knees from the feelings. I backed him under the shower spray to rinse him off and he said that we, (get that part), WE, should get one of those detachable nozzles that had a bunch of different sprays."Should get a new shower curtain too and maybe some towels. This stuff is kinda drab looking and we could really brighten the room up with some different stuff. Lets go out to Wal-Mart and see what ls nymphets 11 they got Shawn, ok?" We got out and dried off and Jared discovered how late it had gotten."Oh man, I gotta get home, my mom will be callin soon." I asked if he wanted a ride and he said sure so we got videos naked nymphets dressed and piled into my little Nissan pickup and I drove him the couple miles to his place, an apartment complex that, while clean, had probably seen better days. He kissed me quickly on the cheek then jumped out and I turned to head home, where I sat on my ratty sofa and contemplated how I might spruce the place up.The next day, I didn't have to go in to work until eleven and since school was out Jared was at my nymphets underage links door bright and early. He told me later that he knocked and since the door was unlocked he came in. I was sound asleep and having a way cool sexy dream. I don't remember the details except that my cock was steel carbide hard and it was being stroked on. I woke up before I came to discover my young friend, and now lover, sitting on the edge of my bed, gently stroking my morning hard on."Oh man Jared, I'm gonna squirt if you don't stop that" so of course he doubled his efforts and since I was at the edge already, it only took a few strokes."UUUUUUUNNNNGGGGGGGG" was my only utterance as my wild teen nymphets whole body stiffened to match my boner nymphet ring and sperm blasted out my cock head all the way to my nipples in multiple jets of creamy white goo. Jared continued to stroke on my cock, milking every drop of juice out onto his fingers and my belly as my body relaxed back into the bed. Something nymphets castle portal about jacking off first thing in the morning, I dunno what it is but it seems more intense. Jared finally let go of dark portal nymphets my softening cock."Common sleepy head, get up, let's go to Wal-Mart." no nude little nymphet He tugged on my hand for encouragement so I got up and headed nymphets photo models toward the bathroom, which is situated between the two bedrooms."Can you make coffee," I asked over my shoulder. He responded behind me that he could so I requested a half a pot, coffee grounds in the freezer, scoop and a half and closed the bathroom nymphets futaba door. I performed my morning ablutions in record time and came padding out in my ragged stained bath towel. Wonder boy asked how I liked my coffee and I told him a little cream, which he added, and sweet underage nymphets fucking handed me the mug. sexy nymphets bbs He took a look at the towel around my waist and said,"That has got to go." So I took it off. He laughed, his sweet melodic laugh and said,"No silly, I meant, you need to get a new one, that one looks like you wiped your butt with it. As long as we are going to be at Wal-Mart you might as well get some new towels for the bathroom. In fact, let's make this the bathroom day, get everything we need except the paint."I smiled and looked at him and said, "do you realize that you keep saying "we" Jared."He dropped his head, embarrassed I guess."I'm sorry Shawn, it just slipped out kinda."My heart went out to him, and I set the mug down and pulled him to me, snuggling him in my arms."No baby boy, don't feel bad, it's ok, just seems a little strange I guess. His arms had wrapped around my waist and he was hugging me back so I guessed that he was ok. He broke the hug and looked up at me and said with a slight smile,"You called me baby boy." I hadn't realized that and asked him if nymphet preeteen models it was ok."Oh yes Shawn, I like thinking I'm your baby boy" and he hugged back up to me. It was I who broke the hug saying I needed to get dressed if we were going to get this all done before I had to go to work. He said he would go look in the bathroom and make a list of things I would need. Then he corrected himself and said things "we" would need.The shopping trip was great. Jared's bubbly attitude and over all excitement level made it the most fun I had in a long time, outside of having ukrainian nymphets legality sex with him of course. He picked out a shower nymphets sex gallery curtain that was clear plastic with a huge map of the world covering a great part of it. The countries were all in different colors but overall, it would let light into what was, up until now, a dark shower. We decided that the bathroom carpet set would be in a dark blue and then we might paint the room in a light blue, or white with light blue trim. Dark blue matching towels, soap dish, toothbrush holder, drinking cup, and curtains completed the arrangement. He also wanted to pick up some Vaseline Intensive Care, saying that he had heard some older boys talking about using when they jacked off and how it made the feelings much more intense.Back at the house we put all the stuff in their places and I have to say, the overall effect was almost startling. It seemed brighter, almost inviting."See," Jared said with a slight art nymphetes bit of smugness in his voice, " told ya. Think what the rest of the house will look like when we get it done."I was running late and told him so. He said it was cool, that he would walk with me to work then meet me after work and we could walk back home together. Damn, I thought to myself, it's like he considers this "our" home. I liked that thought. Then he said with a smirk,"I am dying to try the Vaseline thing Shawn, and I want you to do it for me, to play with my thing and make me squirt boy sperms from it." He really didn't need to say that at this juncture as the thought of the sweet boy laying naked on nymphets bbs info my bed while I jacked his beautiful young cock would inhabit my thoughts all day long. And it did. I had to jack off in the bathroom at work to get the picture out of my head for a while so I could get some work done.Chapter 2Walking home, Jared said that he was seeing his grandmother in the afternoons now, so that his evenings could be spent with me. I had wondered how he was nymphet secret pics going to deal with that, now I knew. We no sooner got in the house when he practically attacked me, pulling my shirt out of my pants hardcore little nymphets and unbuttoning it, then going to work on my pants. I let him have his way until I was stark naked, cock standing at full attention before his eyes. He was starting to get on his knees and I said,"No way," and pulled him to me. Standing slightly to his side, I leaned down and kissed his lips while my hand went up under his t-shirt and rubbed on his chest and belly. Jared leaned into the kiss, allowing me to direct the show for the time being. My hand found a nipple and I rolled it between thumb and forefinger, lola nymphet young nude causing him to gasp slightly as the fleshy nub hardened nymphet cams up. Continuing to kiss him, I slipped the ever present open shirt off of him, and pulled his t-shirt up until I had to break the kiss to get it little nymphet pics all the way off.Jared's hand found my cock, and he was feeling on it, stroking it, fondling my heavy balls as we continued to kiss and my free hand roamed around his body. I rubbed on the front of his baggies, feeling the hardness of him, hidden in the fabric. I moved my hand up to the waistband and, because they were loose in the style worn by boys these days, I easily slipped my hand inside and found his hard young cock, gripping it through the fabric of his boxers and stroking him. Jared's breathing was gaining speed and he moaned quietly as I felt on his stiffened boyhood. I removed my hand, undid his pants and pushed them downward until they fell off of him and put my hand into his boxers, and once again latching onto his cock, this ukrainian underage nymphet time in all it's glorious warm flesh. Fuck I loved this, him, his cock, his sexiness. I pushed the boxers down and he stepped out of them very young pedo nymphets and I glanced for a moment at this beautiful young boy. Such a pretty face and a smooth, almost hairless body, firm and tight in all the right places. As I had the night before, I gathered him in my arms, causing him to giggle. This time though, I leaned my head down and managed to get his cock head in my mouth, and suckled him as I carried him to my bed, and gently laid him down, never breaking contact. I continued to suck him, then moved to his hairless balls and licked on the crinkled nude lola nymphet bag causing him to moan and squirm."Oh man Shawn, stop, get the Vaseline please cause I am ready to squirt out right now." I followed his request, grabbing the bottle off the night table where I had left it. Applying it to my hand I gripped on his stiffened young shaft and stroked up over the head. His eyes, which until now were half closed in lust, flew open and he gasped loudly at the feeling."Ooooooooohhhhhhh, Ooooohhhhhh man Shawn that feels so so good, oh man oh man" and he squirmed as I moved my hand slowly up and down, squeezing the head of his cock on each up stroke, his head moving from side to side on my pillow. Then his cock hardened in my hand and he thrust his hips clear off the bed."OOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwwww" he moaned as he poured forth his young tribute to creation in three white gooey globs. His was head up and eyes open to watch, once again, a boy's part of the miracle of life as it flew from his body and landed, once on a nipple, the rest on his heaving taut belly. I was so hot from watching and russian illegal nymphets participating in his orgasm, I leaned down and licked his young sperm from his body, reveling in the taste of him. I immediately put some Vaseline I my hand and went for my throbbing cock and laid back, doing as I had to Jared, sliding up and over the head. I almost died, the intensity was so much. How the fuck I never discovered this as a young jerking teen I'll never know. I only made about five strokes before I screamed out and came. Jared sat up and watched as sperm blasted out of my dick like a rocket. I hadn't shot more than three times when, through my lust filled haze, I heard Jared,"OH my gosh Shawn, that flew clear over your shoulder," he almost yelled, his voice filled with excitement. "I never nymphet pussy mpegs saw anything like that before, oh my gosh." I was still jerking, my body convulsing heavily with my orgasm, and a few ukrainian nymphet mafia more spurts erupted from my body, little nymphets daddy slowing to a trickle about the same time Jared stopped talking. He got off the bed went behind me to see where my cum landed and finding it exclaimed,"That must have gone four feet Shawn, how awesomely cool it that?" I couldn't say anything, breathing like a marathon runner. Jared got a shirt from the laundry basket and wiped the cum from my body, still talking about how cool my cum shot was. I finally sat up and grabbed him, pulling him to me and kissing angel nymphet nude art him full on the lips, our tongues battling each other inside our mouths. I broke it and looked into his grey eyes."I think I love you Jared," I whispered. "I have no other explanation for how I feel about you, when I'm with you. I think about you all the time." He only looked at me, then smiled softly, his dazzling, perfect white teeth illuminating his face,"I know Shawn, I feel it too." We laid down and hugged each other, not in a tight hug but a gentle affirming hug, arms around each other, legs entangled, looking into each others eyes, kissing over and over again in soft little bbs nymphets collection pecks. We stayed that way for at least ten minutes. I told him about jacking off at work thinking about him naked on my bed and he laughed. He said he went home and jacked off too, thinking of me. Then he got serious again."I love you Shawn, I want to be with you all underage nymphet galleries the time. I know I can't but I want to as much a possible. I think naked nymphets free password my mom is going to call you soon cause I have talked a lot about you and she wants to know who you are, I hope that's ok." I assured him it was then suggested that we newsgroup nymphet go try out the shower. He very little nymphet porn kissed me hard and bounced off the bed, changing moods with rapidity as only a young teen can.In the shower we went through the usual routine but I varied it a little bit, well, a lot. After soaping and rinsing him off I turned his around and began licking in his cute little ass crack, the tenderly opened his firm cheeks and exposed his small hole. I stuck my tongue inside and licked at the muscle causing his knees to sag and a loud moan to escape his lips. He tasted fresh and clean, and the area was warm to my tongue and I found that I like doing that to him, licking and sucking him there. His moans were loud, one hand was behind him on my head, encouraging me onward. I finally stopped and stood back up and he turned and kissed, holding me tightly."Oh man, Shawn," he said after breaking the kiss, "that was the most awesome thing wait till I do it to you." And he then took the soap and began the washing, soaping my crotch up real well before rinsing me preetens nymphets off and turning me around so he could have access cute nymph models to my asshole. He pre nymphets hot sex was right. It was an awesome feeling, being licked in there. I finally made him stop so that we could go into the bedroom for further exploration.On the bed I made him lie on his tummy and I pushed a knee up, slightly opening him for me. I could see the underside of his smooth hairless bag there and put my tongue down and licked on it. Jared almost jumped at that and moaned loudly into a pillow, wiggling his tight little ass. I spread his cheeks wide open and looked longingly at his pink little bud of muscle before putting my face in there and licking him. I licked the area between his hole and down to his balls and back up again, washing him like a dog might. I was in a good enough position to reach under him so I stopped what I was doing, got some Vaseline in my hand then went back down there. I reached under him and grasped his hard cock in my hand then went back to licking and sucking on his hole. Hi breathing became incredibly rapid and is licked and sucked and he ground his cock into the slippery warm fist of my hand."Oooooohhhh gosh oooooooooohhhh gosh Shawn, oh my gosh," he moaned and then he came. He fucked into my hand quite fast for about ten seconds, his sperm mixing with the Vaseline while I licked voraciously in his hole. Finally he stopped moving, and I stopped licking and gently removed my hand from underage russian nymphetes his now ultra sensitive cock and little nymphets sex pics got a rag to wipe myself clean.I returned to the bed and sat down. Jared then rolled to his back and put his arms out to me so I laid down next to him and hugged him to me."Gosh Shawn," he said quietly into my ear, "it just seems to get better every time we do something, we try something new and it feels better than the last thing we tried. Oh man this is so awesome.""I know nymphets wet tgp baby boy," I whispered, "I know." Jared broke away from me and moved down between my legs and buried his face in my balls. He began licking on the bag as I had done, moving it all around as he licked. He told me to roll nymphet peeing on my belly as he had been and when I was, he opened my cheeks, exposing my asshole to fresh air for the first time in it's life. He put his tongue to the muscle petites nymphettes as if to taste it and discovering it was clean and smelled ok he went to work, licking all around it and trying to stuff his tongue inside nymphet porn my body. Jared had been right, the feelings were incredible and I was moaning and groaning from the pleasure messages my brain was flooding my body with. Then he stopped."Shawn, get up a minute," he said. When I did he lay on the bed and told me to get over his, straddling his face, that way his cock would be by my face and he could suck it if he wanted but he would be able to reach my cock and stroke on it while he licked me. HHmmm, I was game for that and did as he asked.His wonderful young teenage cock was, in fact, right at my face so I gobbled it up as Jared's tongue began licking romanian child nymphet at my balls, hanging over his beautiful face. Oh god was that sensitive. He moved up to my hole and licked and slurped in there again while a hand had grasped onto my cock and stroked it. I was being overwhelmed with feelings of pleasure and could feel my body getting ready to unload."I'm gonna cum soon baby boy, I can feel it." Jared licked in my hole more and jerked faster on my cock, tightening his grip in the process and less than a minute later I shot, nut juice blasting out onto Jared's belly, some of it on mine as well. After my pipe quite leaking I rolled over onto my back and Jared came up to lay with me."How did you like that Shawn, did I do it good for you?" I assured him he did, that it was very good feeling. He said he liked doing it too although there were some hairs in there and that was kinda weird but mostly ok. I wondered out loud if I could shave in there for him, which caused us to bounce off the bed and go to the bathroom to find out.Jared held the hand mirror for me and I put one foot up on the toiled to open me up a little and lathered the area in question. I don't have lots of hair so it wasn't too difficult and I managed to get most of it by feel, using the mirror underground nymphet sex only for touch up. After it was done, I figured what the hell, and free nude little nymphets lathered up my furry balls and the area between them and my asshole and shaved that all off as well. The whole project took about a half hour and when it was done both Jared and I jumped in the shower where we washed each other, as usual."Oh man Shawn," Jared said with a little awe, your balls are so so smooth now, it feels weird, like a little boy I bet, probly like my smooth balls. I held his and mine and sure enough, my balls felt totally different with no hair. It was kinda sexy actually. We got out of the shower and began drying off and Jared insisted on putting his tongue inside to see if he liked it any different so I bent over a little and leaned against the wall. Behind me, the boy opened my butt cheeks and stuck his tongue inside and licked around a little bit. He came out, stood up and declared that it was much nicer, although, it hadn't been bad to begin with.Once again it was getting late and Jared needed to get home so we reluctantly got dressed and I drove him and once again he gave me a quick kiss on cheek before leaving the truck.Chapter 3As was predicted, I got a phone call from Jared's mother a few days later. Since her son seemed to have spoken about me a few times and since I was so much older than he, she thought she should check me out. I told her that I understood completely and were I in her shoes I would free nubile nymphets do the same thing. I agreed to meet her at work that same night, which I did.It was a typical small town bar with the requisite electronic entertainment and pool tables. The clientele was a mix between middle aged white collar and working class. Jared's mother was probably early thirties, a step or two above ordinary looking, although she used makeup underage illegal nymphets and hair styling to it's best advantage. She offered me a beer nymphet gallery 100 and seemed perhaps a little impressed when I said lol nymphets links that I didn't drink. We chatted while she served the after work crowd, managing to get across the basic information. She had quietly asked around about me and found out that I was liked by my regular customers teeny naked nymphets and the few other people in town who knew me in passing."You seem to be, what, almost invisible," she said in nymphet xxx a friendly tone. "No one seems to know a whole lot about nude child nymphs you."I chuckled and said, "that's me, the mystery guy." I still didn't think of myself as a man. "Really, I don't know anyone here, I don't drink or do drugs (I had quit after all), go to church, or play sports so that doesn't leave a lot of options for meeting people, besides, I prefer reading to almost anything so am quite comfortable not being around people. Jared is the first person here that I have actually gotten to know and that wouldn't' have happened if he hadn't taken the initiative to talk to me first." I told her briefly of how we met, which seemed to coincide perfectly with what Jared had told her. I went on,"He's a nice kid, reminds me of my little brother who I haven't seen in a year almost," a kind of white lie."Well, you seem to be an ok guy Shawn, Jared seems to like you a lot and I trust his judgement. I would be more concerned about his yong nymphets becoming a pedo kinder nymphets pest." I told her that so far that wasn't the case but to trust me, I had no problem with telling him if I needed free time, or otherwise correcting him. Another lie. I could no more reprimand that boy than I could cut off my finger. In fact, I would nymphet tgp index see the finger go before him. But she needed some reassurance that I was in control, so I gave rygold nymphet it to her. Then I launched into a pitch."I was thinking of painting my house, inside and out and Jared seems pretty hot to help me do it, in fact it was his idea. Do you have any objections to Jared helping me with that? I'd pay him of course, not lots but something."She said she didn't have a problem with it although if I did pay him, don't make it extravagant, and when was I planning to do the project. I told her sometime during the week probably since I had chlid nymphets pics to work on Saturday and Sunday this week. "I'm kind of excited about doing it actually so was hoping to do it in a marathon painting session, the inside I mean, so I imagine it will be some long days, at least for me. How late do you think it's ok for Jared to stay." She said she didn't know about that but would talk to Jared about it and he would let me know. For nymphet model angels now, the bar was getting busy and she needed to get to work. She thanked me for stopping in and said she looked forward to seeing sweet teen nymphs me again, and off I went, a happy boy. Uuummmm, man.I had talked to my landlord about the young nymphets peeing painting project and he said it was fine by him, that he would set up an account for me at the hardware store close to the house. nymphet 12 15 He told me I was free to paint it in whatever colors I wanted as long as it wasn't too way out. I told him I was thinking of a basic off white and doing the trim in brighter primary colors, a different color for each room of the house. He gave the ok and said he would skinny nymphet pussy knock a hundred bucks off the rent for the month, which I had not bargained for.On Tuesday morning before work Jared showed up and we went to the hardware store and picked nymphet russian portal out the colors we were going to use. We got plastic drop clothes, rollers, brushes and all the other crap needed to do the job and threw it in my little Nissan truck for the trip back to the house where we unloaded it all and put it in the living room. sweet nymphet pics Jared helped me get all the furniture moved away from the walls so, the posters and stuff off the walls, and the various other things needed to do prepping the room. A lot of the light stuff we just moved little nymphets wet into the spare room which didn't have anything but my computer in it.I had to get ready to go to work and went into my room to get undressed and into the shower. Jared was on my tail and undressed along with me, clearly planning on showering with me, which he loved to do. I was still amazed at how I responded to his body, and how he responded to mine. By the time we were naked, both of us had raging hard cocks and I got to my knees in front of him and put his young hard flesh in my mouth and swallowed it all the way to the root, his sparse hairs poking softly at my lip. I put both hands on his firm round ass and pulled and pushed him, encouraging him to fuck the warm receptacle that engulfed his boyhood. He moaned with pleasure, his hands on my head as he drove in and out slowly, savoring the feelings. I moved one hand down to cup and fondle his balls, so smooth and soft, gently pulling on them as he fucked my nymphet lolas mouth."Oh man Shawn I'm gonna squirt out soon from the feelins," he moaned, but kept on pumping. I loved eating his nymphets thumbs creamy young boy cum, feeling it in my mouth, tasting it, knowing I had a piece of the boy I loved, inside of me."Here it comes, oh man oh man oh man, AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH," he groaned, holding my head tight and pressing his cock in as far as it would go as his hot load squirted into the back of my throat. I had gripped his nymphets nude body ass with both hands and held him as tight as he was holding me, my nose pressed into his hairs and his balls teen fuck nymphet into my chin. His body convulsed a few times and then the incredible feeling of orgasm passed and he almost sunk down in relief. I relaxed my hands, he relaxed his then slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and got to his knees and kissed me, his tongue going inside my mouth, dancing with my tongue. He was turning into a hell of a kisser, not that I had any experience but I sure knew what I liked and what felt good. He broke the kiss and pushed me backwards into my ass then got between my legs and illegal pedo nymphets began licking the precum off the swollen head of my cock, before putting it into his mouth and sucking it vigorously. Jared was able to get about 4 inches into his mouth now, bobbing his gorgeous head up and down in my lap. I leaned back onto my hands and let him work on me, sucking and licking then stroking while he sucked some more, one hand fondling my smooth soft balls. My breathing was getting ragged and I knew that I was going to explode soon."I'm getting close baby," I said to him, "oh man Jared I'm gonna cum" and he worked even harder. He liked me to cum in his mouth, he liked swallowing my loads of sperm and who was I to deny the boy I loved. And then all of a sudden it was there. nymphet chill pictures I thrust my hips up, threw my head back and howled as I pumped squirt after squirt of hot cream into Jared's warm mouth, nymphetsyoung he swallowing it as fast as I shot it out. The feelings finally died away, his mouth had come away from my dick and he was gently stroking it. I just relaxed back onto the bed for a few minutes, Jared joining me, laying in my arms. I glanced at the clock and said,"Shit, I gotta get outta here," And jumped up, Jared following me to the shower where we soaped and rinsed in record little nymphet petites nymphet russian free gallery time, probly cause we did our own bodies and not each other's and Jared quietly admonished me for swearing. I hadn't really thought about it but he never did curse, even in the throes of a powerful young orgasm, he never cursed. I apologized and said I would try not to do it again. He said it was ok, I was an adult and pulled me down for a loving kiss before departing the shower. I threw my clothes on and we headed out the door. Because I was late, I drove my truck to work, which I rarely ever do, even when it rains. I parked in back of the store and Jared looked quickly around then kissed me goodbye saying bbs nymphet free he would meet me after work and we would start the living room.He was waiting by my pickup when I got off work at seven that night, a bright beaming smile spreading across his face when I came out the back door. We climbed in the truck and he leaned over and kissed me, a long lingering "I missed you" kind of thing. I was glad that the parking area at the back of the nymphet pic galleys store was someone what secluded, just in case. As I backed out he said,"You didn't tell me you talked to my mom a few days ago." He was right, I hadn't. I told him there was no reason for it, that I simply forgot. She seemed like a nice lady, the meeting went well as far as I could tell and that was that. I guess she must have said something to you, huh?"Jared said that she did, nudes underage nymphets that she thought I seemed like a nice young man, that the few people who knew who I was seemed to like me, that I seemed to be easy to get along with. "She also said that I seemed to be happier since meeting you Shawn so you must have some positive influence over me, and she is all for that.""Oh, and guess what else?" Of course I had no idea and told him so."She said I could stay the night at your place tonight, that is if it's ok with you. She said you wanted to get the painting done in the two days you had off so were pressed for time. Since I was helping you, we might be up late so that's why she said that."My head was reeling, my heart was hammering so hard I was sure Jared could hear it. An uninterrupted night with my young lover, I thought. We could hold each other, kiss, fondle, suck and play all we wanted, as late as we wanted and not worry about his having to go home."So, can I stay the night with you Shawn, please, I so want to sleep with you and not have to worry about going home early and we can play and be sexy all we want to. Oh man," he said."Of course you can spend the night baby boy, I am so happy that you can. I was thinking of the same things, of being sexy and not having to worry about you having to leave. And I get to wake up in the morning and see your beautiful face. It will be awesome."Chapter 4I changed out of my work clothes and into some worn out jeans and t-shirt. Jared and brought some old clothes as well so we took the time to jack each other off before getting the painting clothes on. nymphet cgi bbs imgboard I so loved having his hard young cock in my hand and feeling it swell up and shoot out his cum. I don't think nude under 16 nymphets I could ever get enough of this boy.Jared wanted to do the roller stuff so I did all the cutting in, at least I thought that was what it was called. I had only painted once before when I was about fourteen, so didn't know all that much about it. We got started on the job about eight and by ten had the living room all but finished, ceiling included. It was hot and the fumes were pretty strong so we had opened the door pretenn nymphets for air. I was hungry as all hell and young nymphets nudity Jared free nymphets art said he was too, so I called Domino's and had them deliver and we ate on the front porch in the cooling summer night air, listening to the classic rock and roll radio station that came from the city a hundred miles away. After we finished the pizza, Jared sat on the step in front of me, and leaned back so I could hold him while we listened to the night and watched for falling stars. There was little to no traffic on my street at night, there was no reason for it as the street was a dead end and mostly inhabited by small businesses. The hedge provided shelter from the streetlights and the only other light was from the house. it was quiet, it was serene and it was romantic, and I hugged my boy lover tightly to me, he responding by clutching my arms as little xxx nymphet they crossed his slender chest.Finally, I kissed the top of his head and said we should get back to work. I decided to start doing tiny nymphets angels pearls the trim work in the living room and Jared moved toward the dining room. There was a small old fashioned dining table and four chairs there which he moved to one end of the room and would move back when he wanted to work on the other end. He was almost finished with the whole room, and I had completed all of the trim in the living in room in a bright vermillion when heard a"Hello." I turned to see Jared's mother in the doorway so went to turn the music down."I just got off work and decided to drop by to see how things were going, I hope that's ok." I assured her it was ok, which it was, and to come on in, which she did."Wow," she said looking around, "looks like you are making some progress, nice color on the trim Shawn." Jared came into the room and smiled at his mother and came to give her a kiss and she rubbed the dab of paint that was smeared on his cute little nose. I offered her a soda or ice water from the fridge, other changes since Jared came into my life. She declined saying that it lesbian nymphet was late and she needed to get home to bed, hugged Jared, said g'nite to us both and left.It was after one angels charming video nymphets in the morning so I suggested that we stop for the night and go to bed."But not to sleep," Jared added with a mischievous grin. "Least I hope not, I'm not quite tired yet." We cleaned up brushes and rollers and things then locked the house and headed for the shower where we engaged in our usual shower play. We finished the evening off in bed with a side by side sixty nine that ended with both of us incubating the other's nymphets biz sperms in our belly.
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